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I’ve always had an overactive amygdala—the two almond-shaped clusters of nuclei in the brain governing emotions. Nimble and clicking, it was a gift in the classroom and allowed me to predict outcomes with accuracy. I’m not a pianist or a dancer—critical thinking was my only form of artistry. Still, my mind ran ahead of me […]

What are the factors that contribute to the stories—or mental constructs—that the brain spins together throughout one’s life? We know, intuitively, that they exist, operating outside of our conscious awareness and influencing our day-to-day decisions. When clarity is scarce, and uncertainty looms large, we insert expectation in a bid to move out of that uncomfortable […]

The term body image gets thrown around a lot in ED circles, but what exactly does it mean, and how does the brain process it? We understand that, as humans, we are born with an innate body model (more specifically, a body schema) that gives us the ability to separate our own embodied existence from […]

Look at you all social on social media. You must be a social butterfly. Think about the diverse range of social interactions spanning the gamut, from performance in job interviews and forming impressions on dates, to bargaining with a pushy salesperson and calculating the trajectory of a basketball into the hoop on behalf of your […]

Breakups are often compared to emotional rollercoasters. But if a breakup were anything like a roller coaster, the end would be visible from the start. You could say ‘no thanks’ to the ride, or choose to hop on for a hefty price and walk away with a flimsy cardboard-framed photo. Breakups, in my view, are […]

Do you ever have days where you just feel like you’re not ‘yourself’? You know, grumpy.. ill-tempered.. and people around you are noticing it. In those moments, it’s almost like your identity has changed and another personality has crept into your being. But the caveat is that, had you slipped into another personality, you wouldn’t […]

I used to hide behind my super lean, 5’9” frame because calculating macros was easier to control than hard conversations—with myself and with others. As a bikini competitor, my body was judged ad nauseam. Sure, the training that went into my stage-ready physique taught me a lot about discipline, but the dieting lifestyle it invited […]

There has been a lot of talk about neuroplasticity in self-help books, and it’s now catching fire in the coaching industry. So today I thought I’d take a deep dive into this topic, but first, we need to know what SYNAPSES are. It’s all about those synaptic connections, baby. To function at all, the nervous […]

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