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Everything is amiss right now.  And much of it is long overdue (except for the pandemic, because that can go straight back into the depths of hell).  If you’ve been tuning in to your news channels or your social media feeds for even a millisecond during this last week, you’ve likely seen brands, leaders, and […]

“I’ll have what she’s having…”—we all know that infamous quote from When Harry Met Sally. We are all surrounded by images of beautiful women—in films, on TV, in magazines, and on social media. The constant message transmitted by these images of idealized female bodies is that if you don’t resemble, mimic, or strive for that […]

About seven weeks ago, I was considering skipping my friend’s birthday party. It won’t be more than 10-12 people, I thought, shouldn’t be too bad. This was before everything was “shut down” and every other word in most conversations was “virus.” I’ve been following international news about coronavirus almost obsessively, since the beginning of the […]

The desire for flawless skin is far from being ancient history, although ancient history is precisely when this misconstrued aspiration dates back to. From using urine to fade freckles, and arsenic, lead, mercury, and leeches to achieve a pale, porcelain-like skin color, women have gone to great lengths to alter their skin’s appearance throughout time. […]

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