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You’re brought alive in the process of seeking; you crave meaning, richness, and the D word: Depth. I suspect that’s why a life defined by numbers isn’t attractive to you, anymore: Dollars, cents, pounds, measurements, calories consumed, calories expended.

Unabashed with a sardonic sense of humor, I teach women how to exercise agency over their voice, their bodies, and their state of consciousness—in a culture where shame is pervasive.

I’m Juliette.

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author, entrepreneur, and foundress of the neurobabes academy.

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Overcivilization is death by a thousand paper cuts.

follow the other brick road.

indulge your cravings.

show up boldly.

blaze your own trail.

run with the wolves.

You were meant to

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In this new audio training, you’ll learn how to mentally rehearse a passion-fueled and purpose-driven life. You can always choose transcendence over trepidation, and it starts right here.  

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Our courses are designed to teach you how to take ownership of your power and lead a life well-fed. Your sovereign, female body is a steadfast and trustworthy compass—it’s time to go inward and explore its wisdom.


Complimentary trainings and resources to snack on? Yes, please! We distill the latest neuroscience research only available in labs, lecture halls, and scientific journals—and let’s just say our findings are YUM-MY.


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Join a legion of brazen women who are bucking the status quo—curating the most fascinating content in our mission to revolutionize women’s health and the way they experience their bodies.

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The Salt x Sage Podcast intertwines neuroscience, attachment theory, and masterful storytelling to reveal unconscious patterns that drive disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. Razor sharp, modern, and culturally resonant, Juliette delivers intimate conversations and expert insights to empower you on the road to authentic wellness.


Salt x Sage

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episode 001

Are Body Positivity and Fitness Compatible?

episode 002

The Brazen Pursuit of Individuality

episode 003

Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Shame

episode 004

Body Literacy & Empowerment

episode 005

Reparenting: Healing Your Inner Child



body image

body image


When Self-Efficacy is Riding Shotgun

The Body Keeps Score

What Grief Taught Me about Entrepreneurship

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The NeuroBabes Academy

The NeuroBabes Academy is a 4-month transformative experience that combines a rigorous 16-week course curriculum with live group coaching and peer-focused masterminding. This Program weaves empirical neuroscience with entertaining anecdotes and penetrating observations to explore identity, connection, and the cultivation of wellbeing in our lives.

By unlocking the cognitive processes that govern the ways in which we pursue pleasure, reason, feel, and innovate, leaders courageously bring forward their talents in bodies they love.


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Digital Books to Fuel Your Higher Purpose


Anyone eager for more intrepidness in their self-improvement will find dynamic strategies for healing from trauma, body hatred, and distorted self-image that insidiously keep so many playing small. Rooted in the deeply personal process of facing and integrating her own demons, Juliette’s commitment to fearlessly walking her own talk is testament to her integrity as a thought leader for the now age.

Juliette will show you the path back to your truth, your freedom, and your sensual and delicious depths.


Juliette calls women to honor that voice within them rather than bowing to outside influences that push them to become someone they're not. She’s gritty, yet overflowing with grace. Her work will set women free to be truly themselves in a world bent on molding them in its image. This was exactly what I needed to adopt a different way of thinking, and to ultimately commit to my own nourishment.

A real champion for building confidence in an era of toxic social media-driven beauty standards.

—Angelica Sambucini

Like a surgeon with a scalpel, Juliette slashed through the dense rainforest that was my food story. I was able to identify the subconscious programming that was running in the background, become intimate with my fear of ‘forbidden’ foods, and see them as flexible mental constructs. She is a force that will mobilize you to be more renegade and disruptive.

Juliette guided me in embracing sacred practices to help me live my most embodied life.


I went from burning the candle at both ends, having tried diet after diet but never feeling ‘home’ in my body, to finally finding my sweet spot. Juliette’s coaching helped me understand how conditioning drives our eating behavior, how to break free of self-sabotaging habits, and how to make peace with food once and for all. I’m now the courageous and connected influencer who doesn’t have to sacrifice her sanity to get ahead.

Working with Juliette has been the single best investment I’ve ever made in my pursuit of balance!


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