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Juliette Laurent is one of the most pioneering change agents in the coaching industry, having earned praise on and off camera as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and leading expert on food, identity, and feminine consciousness. Through the application of her brand ethos—Brilliance, Brawn & Bite-Sized Neuroscience—Juliette creates a launchpad for substantive impact and influence, empowering female entrepreneurs and creatives to streamline their path to wellness without depleting their cognitive resources.

Drawing from her background in Behavioral and Affective Neuroscience, Neurophenomenology, and Neuroeconomics, Juliette uses a blend of brain-based interventions to effectively bring the proverbial ‘diet roller coaster’ to a screeching halt and interrupt disempowering patterns of behavior. She regularly employs emotion management techniques and tools to facilitate self-awareness in order to contend with, and thrive, in a complex world.

With a deep conviction that education should be driven by immersive, contextually-based learning and not dry information dumps, Juliette is committed to creating richly engaging and transformative learning environments. She continues to develop new, innovative curriculum based on cutting-edge neuroscience and collaborate with other dynamic thought leaders.

Juliette shares her lessons learned, growth mindset strategies, and insatiable curiosity with millennial women via her private Mentorship, Pretty Mind Paradigm and Flagship Program, The NeuroBabes Academy. She also facilitates live events and retreats across the globe. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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A powerful catalyst for change, Juliette is spearheading a movement to inspire existing and emerging entrepreneurs to prioritize and covet their health as their greatest investment: one that is fraught with potholes but ultimately yields the highest ROI. Through her unique ability to deliver bite-sized neuroscience in a way that is relevant and practical, Juliette has empowered audiences to make the leap from witchcraft to hard data—from alchemy to chemistry—in order to heal their relationship with food and reclaim power over their voice, their bodies, and their energy.

Juliette’s mission is to take the latest research only available in labs, classrooms and scientific journals, and inject it into the mainstream in a bid to dismantle cultural paradigms surrounding fat loss. She regularly speaks about why the brain pushes back against repeated attempts to manipulate caloric intake and expenditure and why women often develop a complex about their body image.

Some of Juliette’s favorite topics to speak on include emancipation from dietary dogmas, mastering your brain’s inherent limitations, creating optimal experiences, fitness/social life integration, finding your anchor and purpose, becoming intimate with hunger and satiety cues, leaning into primitive emotions like fear, identifying maladaptive core beliefs, and creating more mental space to pursue your passions and scale your digital empire. She also enjoys speaking about nutrition for athletic performance, the impact of sugar on the brain’s reward circuit, and the important role that hormones play in regulating metabolism.

Juliette uses an interactive speaking style—using anecdotes, stories, and real-world tools to take her audience on a wide-awakening journey. She combines authenticity, high-energy, and world-class thought leadership to deliver maximum impact and exceed expectations. Participants walk away full of inspiration, deep insights, and a notepad full of pragmatic, actionable steps to take their health to the next level.

She is available for bookings for keynote presentations, workshops, conferences, Q&A style live events, intimate gatherings, and expos. She also provides freelance medical writing, research, and consulting services for not-for-profit sectors.

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