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But that freedom is limited in its scope if your relationship with food, exercise and your body image is in shambles.

Listen up, beautiful: You don’t just lead with your unique gifts and professional acumen. You lead with your stamina, your vibrancy, and your energy. You know, intellectually, that your health is the single most valuable commodity you’ll ever own. I don’t doubt for a second that you’ve been trying to make it a priority so that you can continue chasing your dreams in a body you’re wild about.

If maintaining any degree of physical fitness feels like a rigmarole all.the.damn.time, let me just say: It has nothing to do with moral turpitude or lack of willpower.

It’s the dirty tactics to achieve fat loss that leave you side-swiped. The eyeball-roll (and cringe) worthy, calorie restricted prescriptions that keep you trapped in a negative feedback loop from hell. The pursuit of the latest shiny object in the form of ‘weight loss’ paraphernalia. If you’re like most women, you’ve been trying to manipulate your body as if it were some sort of quadratic equation. But darling, it’s not your body that’s calling the shots.

Your brain runs this bitch.

ou’re a savvy, modern woman with lofty goals and a fire to take on the world. You’ve got your email marketing on autopilot, you’re crushing

Most importantly? You’re carrying out deeply fulfilling and awe-inspiring work. You’ve created a digital empire that gives you freedom to live life on your own terms, whether that’s sleeping in on Friday mornings, hitting the beach to build sandcastles with your little ones, or grabbing cocktails in the middle of the work day with another fellow girl boss.


your conversions with a cash-catapulting sales funnel, and you’re nurturing your tribe.

ou’re a savvy, modern woman with lofty goals and a fire to take on the

Pretty Mind Paradigm


A collaborative explosion of discovery fueled by ingenuity and deliberate intention, this Private Mentorship is for women who are deeply committed to making quantum leaps in their life, health and entrepreneurial ventures.

Whether you’re looking to improve your energy and endurance, break through the blind spots that have you paralyzed in a cue-reward-habit loop, or tap into your brilliance for maximum impact, Pretty Mind Paradigm will usher you into your ultimate strength.

In fact, I’ve walked (several hundred) miles in your shoes.

this wasn't always my reality...

You ought to know by now: I’m a storyteller. I truly believe that in one way or another, either significantly or on a much subtler scale, that we, as women, often experience similar realities simultaneously. I share anecdotes with the intention that hopefully you’ll be able to relate and find the silver lining in your suffering. Today’s little nugget is no exception.

Granted, I had a career that was focused principally on my beauty, which ultimately caused me to develop a full-blown eating disorder, which then opened the floodgates to anxiety and a whole slew of self-sabotaging behaviors. But that trickled down into the same reservoir we all end up drinking from. It tastes like shit. I’ve felt the same embarrassment and frustration as you do right now, every time I looked in the mirror (even at single-digit body fat percentages).

The constant beratement, the whole ‘never being anything enough’ business. I’m intimately familiar with the dichotomous ‘all or nothing’ mentality that sets us up to fail. Like you, I was hardcore with everything. Hardcore with dieting. Hardcore with training. Hardcore about being more hardcore with my diet and training.

And just like you, I was dumbfounded by why my genuine efforts were met with a great deal of resistance. Time and time again, I was left high and dry, gutted, defeated: ultimately caving into my cravings and eating away my feelings until I was numb. I tried everything I could think of to change my trajectory, believing that if only I exercised more discipline, things would fall into place.

It wasn’t until I studied the brain that I began to challenge everything I had ever believed to be true about fat loss. All the dietary dogma buckled under its own weight.

The regrettable truth of the matter is that brain science is simply not available to the mainstream—the only way to get access to it is to study it formally or analyze rigorously peer-reviewed research (99% of which will read like a foreign language unless you have a strong science acumen). Most of us aren’t waking up and thinking about how to rewire our neurons to pressure-proof our fitness goals. These are the ‘unknown unknowns’: the things we don’t know we don’t know.

We live in a society that encourages non-thinking (hand-in-mouth), and if we put a little extra thought into it, we graduate to linear thinking, in other words: what’s the fastest, but often ineffective, way to get from point A to point B? Neither approach serves us well.

You can do all the deep breathing, yoga stretches and calorie counting you like, but until you unpack the mission control center that drives the whole operation, you will continue to kick the can down the road.

Pretty Mind Paradigm is a revolutionary approach to self-mastery where we make the leap from witchcraft to hard data, from alchemy to chemistry, from speculation about what works for your body to the science of how your body… and ultimately, your brain, actually works. The good news is that once your relationship with food and your body shifts, so do the mental and emotional patterns that create the outer circumstances of your life. In this Program, you will be given tools and resources to design a life—and body—you never want to escape from.


Initial 50-minute Deep Dive to share your story, biggest challenges and get crystal clear on what you hope to accomplish by the end of our time together. You will also receive a Welcome Package of hand-selected goodies to enrich your experience: Think books, journals, protein-packed treats, and luxurious body products—all beautifully wrapped and delivered right to your door.


These calls are the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the Program. I will not pander to your excuses as to why you’re not igniting your spark and taking agency over your circumstances. Instead, I will encourage you to grow, stretch, reach, sit still, move faster, tune in, pay attention, surrender. It won’t always be comfortable, but it will matter and this process will mean something. We’ll unpack your current paradigms, dismantling and reassembling them in the process, until we land at something that feels authentic to you.


Following an evaluation of your past and current eating behavior and caloric needs, you will receive customized nutritional recommendations that we’ll tweak along the way as you begin to reconnect with your body. My approach places a heavy emphasis on creating a conducive hormonal environment within the body to promote fat release without calorie restriction. You’ll be shocked by how much food you’ll be eating… but there is a method to this madness. Rest assured—we will build up your metabolism so you can become a fat-burning furnace, even at rest!


You will receive an individually-tailored fitness program to develop strength, speed and agility. Depending on your goals, it will contain any combination of free weights, body-weight exercises, and high intensity metabolic conditioning circuits. If you have no idea what any of this means, don’t be intimidated. That’s exactly what I’m here for. Your Program will be strategically designed to be completed in the least amount of time, but still get the desired result of a strong, lean and healthy you.


Eating haphazardly when you’re trying to ‘get to know’ your body more intimately makes it nearly impossible to establish a baseline, so you can’t troubleshoot plateaus. For the first three months of coaching, we will utilize anthropometric monitoring to give us an idea of how your body partitions nutrients and how it responds to different training stimuli. The final three months, we switch over to a more intuitive approach, building on what we learned from our initial assessment. We will rely on biofeedback—the ever-changing variables like appetite, energy, sleep patterns, strength, and mood.


Get instant access to me via email and Voxer to keep you accountable between coaching calls. Perhaps you have a question, feel stuck, want to pick my brain, or simply share a win. I’ll get back to you with a no fluff, no bullshit, personalized response that will help you take the right kind of fun, big-picture action. Why? Because I’m committed to witnessing you rise.

The Experience

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Exclusive Bonuses


The NeuroBabes Academy is a 4-month transformative experience that combines a rigorous 16-week course curriculum with live group coaching and peer-focused masterminding. This Program weaves empirical neuroscience with entertaining anecdotes and penetrating observations to explore identity, connection, and the cultivation of wellbeing in our lives. By unlocking the cognitive processes that govern the ways in which we pursue pleasure, reason, feel, and innovate, leaders courageously bring forward their talents in bodies that they love. ($3997 value)


Together, we will plan a dream photo shoot in New York City to celebrate the brand new YOU (oh, and by the way—she’s here to stay because we don’t do the whole yo-yo dieting thing around here)! Your photoshoot experience will include a complete makeover with my hair and makeup team, a 3-hour photo shoot, multiple wardrobe changes and a legacy keepsake box filled with 20 high-quality, glossy photographs to document your incredible transformation! ($4997 value)


If you want to change a behavior, you need to bring the beliefs that mobilize the behavior into conscious awareness. Interrupting disempowering and worn-out belief systems, by way of reappraisal, is one of the most important methods for eliminating hypervigilance around food. We’ll talk about how to stop teetering between restriction and binge eating, infuse your eating experiences with a degree of flexibility, and ultimately, find your ebb and flow.


Food is a basic primary reward, requiring motivation to obtain it. We don’t make the decision to feel hungry, but we can decide how to satisfy it. We’ll cover the underlying mechanisms of motivation and reinforcement in the brain and how hyperpalatable foods hijack its reward circuit. You will learn how to re-train your response to food using cue exposure and implement strategies to reduce your dependence on sugar.


We will cover how the brain modules appetite and energy expenditure, as well as how to restore your body’s natural hunger and satiety cues and improve its signaling to the brain so you actually “hear” the message when it’s time to terminate feeding. By regularly taking the time to connect with your hunger and satiety cues, you create a very nurturing inner world. When your inner world feels consistently loving, safe, and secure, you can delay gratification when you need to, confident that whatever you’re desiring will still be available later.


You don’t want any aspect of your existence to be stagnant or become stale, and that’s why movement is so critical. When your body is flooded with oxygen-rich blood, your days become flooded with rich opportunities. When you strengthen your muscles, you create flexibility and spaciousness in your mind. When you experience that special brand of post-workout euphoria—the kind that doesn’t feel like slavery—life presents you with endless opportunities to express gratitude throughout the rest of the day. You start engaging in physical activity for the joy of movement, not as penance for your eating.


Muscle development involves the disturbance and damage of fibers, an inflammatory response, hormonal interactions, and ultimately the building of new proteins. The extent to which both types of proteins are generated, determines the level of muscle growth you’ll experience. Every additional ounce of muscle you carry stokes your metabolic rate, which, in turn, burns fat long after your workout.


When you discover the source code of intrinsic motivation and become tight with your body, you’re ready to make a dent in the universe. That is to say: to forge your own path and burn your imprint on the world. Without the fear of being visible holding you back, you can finally show up in your business with confidence. Together, we’ll go the extra mile by exploring leadership as an art form. After all, isn’t that what we’re all ultimately hungry for? More freedom, more creativity, more impact? To leverage our talents as entrepreneurs and build our own legacy?










Champions aren’t made just in time for bikini season—they’re created and developed all year long. As a High Performance Coach, I use brain-based interventions to eradicate my clients’ insecurities around food and body image—my techniques range from learning theory, custom and practice, and innate interpersonal awareness. Over the years, I have infused my findings from behavioral and affective neuroscience to offer a deeper, more rigorous understanding of how personal change comes about.

You don’t have to do it alone.

When you enroll in the Pretty Mind Paradigm Mentorship, you’re investing in yourself. The reason we don’t even explore our possibilities is because, subconsciously, we don’t believe it can happen for us and we don’t believe that we deserve it. Most people think that this is it for them. I don’t actually want you to overcome the fear of uncertainty, I want you to embrace it. Fear of uncertainty will keep you up at night—planning, rehearsing and going over contingencies. Fear of uncertainty will keep you striving relentlessly to achieve your greatest potential.

But more importantly, I want you to be terrified of sitting on your ass doing nothing. Of waking up in 5 years or 10 years and be no closer to your goal, having made no progress. That is the horror. That is the nightmare. That is what you need to truly be afraid of.

It is often a series of very small, quiet realizations that jolts us into action.

By enrolling, you’re already on your way. You weren’t born knowing the science behind habit formation or the intricacies of fat loss at the cellular level. I have spent years learning and implementing it: I’ll cut through the guesswork and teach you the most direct path.

Because many of my clients go on to work with me for up to a year, there are only 6 spots available at any given time for my 1:1 Coaching.


You want to remove the unworthiness cloak that’s weighing you down and have a scientifically grounded understanding of eating behavior and personal transformation.

You’re done being the recipient of sugar cravings, bloat, shitty mood swings and hormonal acne; you want to fundamentally change your body composition and develop strength but have no idea where to start.

There’s change you want to see in your life, but everything’s moving so fast. You’re so distracted from your values and what’s required of you right now that you find yourself frozen in complete inaction and inertia.

All day, every day, society is telling you what to believe and what to stand for, and the type of person you are if you do or don’t uphold those expectations. You find it hard to separate out your own thoughts from the beliefs and broadcast of others.

You want to be freed from inner helplessness; for your motion in the world to mitigate the guilt and disassociation that leaves little to no room for real growth. You long for the courage to express yourself; to tap into your creativity and find that spring in your step.

this isn't for you, if...

You’re not willing to check your biases at the door, commit to the coaching process, and dedicate yourself to doing the work necessary to achieve lasting results.

You’re not ready to step outside of your comfort zone (your fears ought to be your catalyst); you cannot muster the motivation to challenge beliefs, behaviors and systems that are worn out, non-serving and oppressive.

You cling to unrealistic expectations, like wanting to lose 10 pounds in 10 days (that’s not practical and wreaks havoc on metabolism) and prefer to splash in the shallows, dabbling in the ‘next best diet.’

You cannot gift yourself the time and space that will be required for you to successfully complete the Program. Please remember that this is a transformative, 6-month journey.

You’re not interested in raising your consciousness as you deepen your relationship with yourself, your body, your desires, and your contribution to those you serve.



Yes! I distill all my years of learning and research about the brain into actionable strategies that are easy to understand and relevant to your everyday life. Your mind is your most powerful tool for lasting transformation. Much like our muscles, it can be trained and strengthened over time… you just have to understand how to leverage its capacity for greatness.


The adage, ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ is really true! Food is fuel for your body and our goal is to nourish it with adequate nutrients for optimal body composition and performance, both in and outside of the gym. Preparing your own meals allows you to control the quality and quantity of that fuel. I’ll teach you the most efficient way to streamline your cooking strategies so you don’t have to spend all your time in the kitchen!


Absolutely not. I am a huge proponent of eating carbs: they are our body’s energy currency. Here’s the thing: carbs increase insulin levels. Your body can’t effectively burn fat with elevated levels of insulin, even if you exercise like a mad woman. But try to cut carbs and your brain gets a little testy. The brain requires a constant, steady stream of glucose for fuel—carbs equal glucose. In a bid to hold onto as much lean muscle as possible while burning fat, we need to consume carbs that don’t cause such a crazy insulin surge. Doing this will afford you more carbs, which means more energy, zero brain fog, and steady blood sugar levels.


You’re likely quite busy as an entrepreneur and may not have time to go to the gym several times a week. I can tailor your training to accommodate the lack of equipment, which means you can work out in the comfort of your own home. This will keep your metabolism humming along and promote fat burning. If your goal is to increase muscle density (no, you won’t look bulky), strength training with a reasonable amount of resistance will help you get there. Most gyms these days no longer have contracts so you can go on a month-to-month basis for an affordable price.


That’s really up to you, beautiful. From all my years coaching women 1:1, I’ve seen some seriously epic results and transformations unfold. I’ve seen women quit their jobs, start their dream businesses, leave shitty relationships, and take heart-expanding risks. I’ve witnessed them find confidence, clarity, strength, and resilience. And I’ve seen them develop an inner knowingness (and an outer glow) that they’d previously struggled for years—even decades—to find. The truth is, doing this kind of work can help you change your entire life from the inside out. For that to happen, you simply need to show up with an open heart, gentle eyes, and a willingness to try something new. Do that—and take inspired action daily on what you’ve learned—and I’m confident you’ll be blown away by the results you experience.


If you have any burning questions that haven’t been addressed here, please email us at and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.










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