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The Champion Code is the modern woman’s guide to leveraging her brain’s built-in features to achieve high performance. The aim of this eBook is to confront how our biology imposes certain limits upon us—and how willpower, much like a muscle, can and does fatigue with repeated attempts to restrict calories. This framework presents principles from cognitive neuroscience in bite-sized, pragmatic steps to help you manage those inherent limitations and pressure-proof your fitness goals. Understanding just a little about the brain’s design gives us a richer language to interpret our internal processes and brings more introspection into conscious awareness.


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Part provocative eBook and part workbook, Brain, Incognito navigates the mysterious underpinnings of emotion to illuminate its surprising depth—and challenges conventional ideas about the connection between emotion and rationality. For better or for worse, emotions color our lives from cradle to grave. Mismanagement of one’s emotional apparatus commonly spirals into disordered eating, which makes it a crucial domain to master. Brain, Incognito offers unique insights into how to align your beliefs with your highest values, transform fear into inspired action, and purge the self-defeating thoughts that are holding you back from living your healthiest, sexiest and most vibrant life.


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