“Free the Light within!” Reads one Instagram caption, complete with beige branding, Boho vibes, and taupe Pampas.

“Unleash your Inner Goddess!” reads another, evoking a subtle promise that if you chant the sacred hymns of the Divine Feminine under a full moon, you will transform into the Goddess that you’re meant to be. You cringe and your third eye rolls.

and consider with us:

What is the truth of our being-ness? What is human? What is soul?

Take a Deep Breath

Importantly, who is asking?

Restless heart, its been a long, peripatetic life on the road, and you still don’t feel any more close to ‘home.’ Where the fuck is this place, anyway?

In the dim backrooms of consciousness, insidious culprits of a divided self lie in wait. An intense pooling of thoughts develop into autonomous engines that keep on churning out, even when you’ve moved on or the day has carried you along to greet other experiences. Sticky. Loopy. Repetitive.

Where is That Foothold in the


Slippery Mud?

I Suspect You May be Feeling:

You’re volunteering your labor on cue, hemorrhaging your energy while simultaneously trying to ‘fix’ everyone around you. You ache for discernment, but dissociation is a flavor you’ve long savored.


If these words are raising the hackles on your neck—wolf-style—lean in.

This lethargy is rooted in unmet longing for wildness, mystery, and meaningful engagement with the world. From time to time, your curiosity gnaws at you, craving untamed terrain of the soul.


Ah, yes. The elegant negotiation with tragedy. Your journaling practice and zoom therapy sessions helped a year into the pandemic, but you’re still burdened by the disempowering energy of blame.


Traditional and institutional models of authority present you with a watered-down version of values—void of nuance and context. You’re left circling the drain, outsourcing value deliberation instead of letting your lived experience and intuition guide you.


As you Attempt to Move Out of That Purgatory, 

“A journey of becoming and unraveling—top notch scholarship.”

Juliette gets right to the core of the collective trauma and conditions that dwell within each one of us. A practical path of liberation that fits the needs of truth-seekers with startling precision.

— Boris Konrad, keynote speaker & neuroscientist

I’m intimately familiar with fragmentation.

Born into the crucible of intergenerational trauma—bearing witness to mental illness, addiction, and emotional abandonment—there was little opportunity for a stable, unified selfhood to coalesce. 

Within the soul decay and desperate quest for belonging was a minuscule shard of curiosity. It was barely visible—tiny, sparkling like a single atom in the void. It beckoned out to me: A clarion call that, upon taking its heed, cracked me open.

Inspired by my own healing journey to dismantle the false, socially constructed versions of Self and the belief systems that perpetuate them, I am passionate about empowering women to move into deeper integrity with themselves.

girl, i see you.

terra incognita is an initiatory immersion into deep intimacy and exploration with one’s Self. Comprised of four modules, it is a transformational journey that will guide you in uncovering the beauty that resides within the sanctity of your soul. 

Through a combination of stillness practices, self-inquiry, and conscious relating, a container will be created for you to embody your personal sovereignty—responding to restlessness without surrendering to rootlessness.




4 recorded modules with companion guides


lifetime access to course materials

curated reading list and guided meditations


Somewhere and nowhere, traveling alone through high mountains and wild forests, we begin our trek exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of the brain. How do our memories, environment, and the meaning we assign to all the sundry things that fill it shape who we become? A field guide to your inner wilderness, we track the wisdom of the body, how it stores trauma, and how these imprints influence and shape the expression of our blueprint. By elucidating this process, we seek to weave these narratives—however misguided—into a powerful tapestry of resilience.

the devil is in the details


module one

In module three, we enter a secret realm of woodland glades, remote summits, and new considerations about interdependence. There are encounters with wildlife, dangerous predators, and charismatic shepherds that teach us how to cultivate authentic relationships free of exploitation and codependency. Indeed, there are places in the landscapes of our lives where no one can accompany us. However, we lean into the evolutionary dimension of social inclusion needs because, left to our own devices, we have an endless capacity for self-deception.


module three

Continuing north in module two, we must face the full fury of winter in the remote forests of central Europe. Struggling through untracked snow and enduring loneliness, we will navigate the mysterious underpinnings of emotion to illuminate its surprising depth—and challenge conventional ideas about the connection between emotion and rationality. At this juncture, we engage our innate capacity to self-regulate the nervous system, reconcile distortions of identity, and cultivate emotional agility.


module two

In module four, we unearth your salutary medicine and bring it forward in radically abundant and regenerative ways. The uncompromising pilgrimage out of the shadows allows you to rise in your leadership with greater trust and flow, communicate with a voice that carries currency, and participate meaningfully in the decision-making structures of the broader collective. No longer operating from a ‘wounded healer’ template, you attune to your personal service, building a life that honors your unique contribution.


module four





Water’s Edge



We invite you to zip into your outlaw, swindler suit if that is what suits the moment.

Your shadow Self is the repository of your most significant wounds. She holds the poisonous darts of those wounds, fully integrated and alchemized into discernment. Refusing to acknowledge and deploy them would be an act of betrayal.

Full of compassion though she may be, she does not conflate empathy for license. In her sovereign glory, it is she alone who decides what enters her energy field and what must die in the road. 

From pyramid schemes to pseudoscience, New Age spirituality has allowed itself to become the perfect grift. 

We, however, are not interested in transmuting your darkness into light or balancing your chakras.

Fluff is for Pillows, Not

Sacred Healing.

now, perhaps, more than ever:

You’re Feeling Called To...

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Bust open and out of worlds you’ve outgrown—abandoning circles and partnerships that neither command your respect nor deserve your allegiance.

picture this


Attune yourself as an instrument of aliveness by clearing any excess or errant energies that occlude deeply connecting with present-moment experience. 


Awaken to the totality of your womanhood, recognize your dynamic nature, and summon the parts of you that are repressed.


Activate your unique gifts and medicine through self-sourcing, instead of self-flagellating over perceived flaws and drowning in despair.


“terra incognita will take you into the fiery and tender depths of the Self with irreverent reverence, cheeky candor, and brutal honesty.”

— abigail newman of Harper’s bazaar

What would it be like to experience the terrain of your human spirit; not with hard edges, claws out, but with infinite curiosity and feral wonder?

Honors the Beauty Within the Tension

Develops Your Intuition

Instead of passively consuming self-help content intended to usurp, we teach you how to listen to the steady drum of sovereignty in your heart.

Through guided self-inquiry, skill building, and embodiment practices, you will gain the knowledge and tools to begin to self-author your life and reach towards true integration.

Lifts Your Confidence to New Heights

is the only course of its kind that...



Signature Framework

Flirt with the obscure, bringing unconscious material into awareness so it can be acknowledged.

Unlearn practices that  pathologize, create keyed up emotions, and make us complicit in our oppression.

Through wistful eyes: Forage edible roots, fetch spring water, and find poetry in ordinary things.

an intimate, guided experience through our







Personal Agency

Move from a need of external validation to your own self-sustaining ecosystem. Slice through the usual obfuscations, releasing tiresome and repetitive conditioned stories, dissolving habitual preoccupations.



Embrace duality and reclaim all parts of you with deep reverence. You acknowledge the dichotomies of life that stimulate the appetite for perfection, but choose to exist in nuanced, less polarizing shades of gray.


Emotional Fluency

Employ emotional regulation strategies to contend with uncertainty, free you from inner helplessness, and mitigate disassociation and guilt that leaves very little room for growth.



You live in anticipation of the next adventure and lean into the soft surrender of never quite knowing when—or how—it’ll show up. To live, dance, breathe, write, and love in the spaces of possibility.


Impact & Influence

Serving multiple constituencies—self, team, organization, family, community, and world—with the understanding that collective empowerment blooms from the fertile soil of self-sourced power.


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Experience Of:

into the

Sink Your Teeth


chelsea overcame imposter syndrome

“terra incognita creates a nuanced and tightly braided portrait of personal sovereignty that rings true. ”

Juliette’s insights flow like honey, lesson to lesson. Through myth, story, imagery, and neuroscience, she teaches you how to build strategic alliances and create your own access points to power. This course is the antidote to the postmodern concept of a fragile and anguished self that lives in perpetual fear of being ‘seen.’

“For all the pilgrims who yearn for the open road—stretched out before us, leading to redemption.”

Juliette has an uncanny ability to dish out neuroscientific principles in ways that take root faster than you can imagine. A masterful guide, she offers a luminosity that will help you—in the midst of emotional overdraft or creative tension—see precisely where your power resides. May you walk that road with courage.

kelly shifted her relationship to anxiety


natasha found true healing

“I gave up my allegiance to self-doubt and meekness—sometimes, you have to squint to see the lessons.”

What part of me remained when I stripped away the toxicity within my family of origin, the unmitigated survival strategies I had adopted, and the narcissists I magnetized along the way? Who was I at all? terra incognita stripped me down to my bones.

Core Curriculum — Four modules containing everything you need to cultivate a deeper relationship with Self. All materials are downloadable so you can go at your own pace.

inside the course, we’re serving up:

Companion guides with journal prompts to reinforce what you're learning in the video trainings and support emotional regulation and personal empowerment.

Reading List​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ — I’m giving you my list of the books that have been vital to my success, and I recommend reading them daily. It’s like a daily vitamin to support you.

Lifetime access to course materials in the Membership Portal. The module content is continuously updated to reflect advances in neuroscience research.


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Discover New Regions Within Your Soul.

terra incognita instigates a broader vision of what it means to be human than our current paradigm allows for, calling on us to cultivate a life that reflects our core values and is rooted in self-efficacy.

This course is designed to provide you with tangible tools to weave a foundation of wholeness in a fractured world. It is steeped in empirical neuroscience, but sparse on the jargon—with proven methodologies and frameworks that actually transform you.

It's time to abandon relationships, roles, and places that no longer align with your emergent identity, my darling voyager.

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Get down like the Stoics but cling fiercely to that tender heart: INVINCIBLEish is a powerful, short guide to unperturbed living. You’ll be so unbothered they’d think you were media trained.

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Hi, I’m Juliette.

meet your facilitator

Serial entrepreneur, content creator, and ally in the beautiful human mess of being.

I muse about identity, self-cultivation, and various misadventures. I view the inner work through the lens of collective healing; that is to say, only when we retrieve forgotten aspects of Self, can we enact social change in our communities—the kind that ushers in inclusivity and servitude.

Reserved for the Courageous

terra incognita is not for the faint of heart. in fact, we emphatically ask that you click [x] if this does not profoundly resonate with you.

still on the fence, though?

terra incognita IS PERFECT FOR you, if:

You’ve done enough personal development, talk therapy, or coaching to appreciate that growth is a practice, not a destination.

You’re existentially exhausted from the times we find ourselves living in and want to find your own center of gravity. 

Something in your life is missing—a sense of purpose, direction, or clarity on your life’s art.

You are sensitive to the feelings of others but conceal your own intensity or have a difficult time accessing your emotions.

this ain’t your cuppa tea, if:

You’re not willing to experiment, innovate, and evolve, with a prejudice towards action and open-mindedness.

You prefer to passively consume content, rather than engage with it; this will only add to the consumption load in your life.

You are afraid to look closely at what’s not working—to tease out the fears, wounds, and judgements that unseat your joy.

You’re not ready to shift out of the hustle and distraction and drop into a space of sincerity and devotion.

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