born and raised New Yorker, I’ve always had an enterprising spirit, a nuclear heart, and an insatiable longing for defying conventional norms.


And you? Well, you’re a little bored with playing by the rules. You’re tired of burning the candle at both ends, white-knuckling your way through your days, never feeling anything ‘enough.’ You are searching for a glimmer of inspiration to spur you on in your quest to be an agent of freedom—food freedom, body freedom, financial freedom—to own your brilliance and invite everything you’ve been wanting to have, be, or do in your life.

I see you. I’ve been where you are now. I was once a beautiful disaster, having fallen victim to the ever-changing fitness and nutrition landscape. I stumbled around in the dark, got a little dizzy, but ultimately, committed to having another crack and finding my footing. For my future self, who I still hadn’t met at the time… and for my future self’s burning desire to help women find another way.

And find a way, I did.

My name is Juliette Laurent, and I’m a Transformational Health Coach, entrepreneur, and foundress of The NeuroBabes Academy—a mentoring hub for creative women on a mission to lead courageously in bodies they’re wild about.

I offer my insights here—upon this digital altar—hand-crafted, richly decorated with mosaic. It is a shrine that encompasses rebellion, introspection, transcendence, and endless opportunities to come together in conversation about how we wield our power.

You see, I believe that each of us, as women, are neither passive nor docile. We intentionally engage in dieting tactics to survive as gendered bodies in a culture with narrow ideas about female beauty. We carry with us, tightly-woven emotional schemas, built up from years of experience because they work for us—until they don’t.

And when they don’t, our innate curiosity stands ready to mobilize a change in beliefs that are worn out—provided we ask why, not just of anything, but of what we assume to be true already. A sculptor will tell you that the sculpture was always there, inside the block of granite. It takes multiple sweeps to carve away the obstructions, but eventually, what lies beneath is brought to the surface.

born and raised New Yorker, I’ve always had an enterprising spirit

a nuclear heart, and an insatiable longing for defying conventional norms.


Career in corporate wellness, fitness modeling, and sponsorships with several supplement companies. Influence—based entirely on my physical appearance—is how I sourced my self-worth.


I am driven by the pursuit of knowledge and strong social alliances that reflect my core values. I replaced the need for external validation with a heart-centered business in the servitude of others.


Interpersonal Relationships

I relied on deactivating strategies to regulate my emotions—I’d operate in isolation, avoid proximity-seeking, and throw myself even further into my work. I was often incapable of adaptation because decisions had to go through an internal chain of command.


I may turn apoplectic over a perceived failure, but quickly channel my disappointment into decisive action. During periods of prolonged, stressful experiences that require actively coping with a problem, I mobilize external sources of support.


Vital Organs

An avid track and field athlete in high school with the good fortune of a fast metabolism, I was diagnosed with a diseased gallbladder that failed me at age 17. One might argue I failed it, with 99% of my diet being comprised of processed foods.

I am mindful of the ingredients we can’t pronounce; the copious amounts of hidden sugars, food coloring made from petrochemicals, and cancer-causing preservatives. I no longer give permission for my body to be used as a toxic waste dump.


A cardio bunny hooked on competing, I broke both shins and spent 6 months in physical therapy. Unrelenting, I hired a coach to help me bring my best possible ‘package’ to the stage. I dieted more aggressively, with the goal of single-digit body fat percentages.


I marshal my strongest skills, stretch towards a challenge, and do the best I can with the time and energy I have. I acknowledge the dichotomies of life that stimulate our appetite for perfection, but choose to exist in the nuanced, less polarizing shades of gray.



I experienced blood sugar spikes and falls that were off the charts and ran on caffeine whenever my energy stores were depleted (something that was quite routine). My menstrual cycle was irregular and I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I was no longer burning calories efficiently, even with an increase in expenditure.


I embrace that my body, in its infinite wisdom, increases hunger as my cycle peaks because it needs more calories to build the uterine lining. I do not deprive myself of carbs, only to dump an obnoxious amount of glucose into my bloodstream with a single binge. I love my pancreas too much. I suspect you do, too.



I missed out on birthdays, weddings, and social gatherings because I could not trust myself around the food. I could not chase optimal experiences because the scale, the food on my plate, and my body image occupied a great deal of real estate in my brain.


I spend more time creating things I’m passionate about and zero time weighing, measuring, and carrying around my next meal. I live in anticipation of the next adventure and lean into the soft surrender of never quite knowing when—or how—it’ll show up.



Hunger was experienced as a dangerous eruption that came from some foreign part of myself—and I became obsessed with containing that eruption. It was an invitation to lose control, override willpower, and give in to bodily desires. I restored order by eliminating choice.


I do not negotiate cultural messages about my appetite in the form of “food rules” or self-imposed regulations designed to create boundaries. I trust my judgment in identifying my body’s subtle hunger and satiety cues—it is a quiet mastery over my life rooted in self-efficacy.



My leanness provided me cover by increasing my cultural capital. In effect, I physically shed layers of flesh that I believed hindered my upward social mobility.


I move because a nimble powerhouse of a physique will always serve as a reliable vehicle to discover the world across my lifespan. Never is it contingent upon outcomes.




This retrieval work produced some of my greatest epiphanies,
in ways that were transformative and seemingly unrelated…


I'm living proof you can


My suffering offered me a window, not a wall. It was the impetus to what could be loosely defined as ‘work’ but feels more like ‘odyssey.’ Everything I’ve deduced has helped me form the three critical B’s that steer my life:


…because insights are quantum leaps of thought—creative breakthroughs that power our lives. It’s the sudden experience of thinking about a familiar thing in a novel way or combining familiar things to draw a new conclusion. In the hands of a composer, the notes of a musical scale can be rearranged to form a melody. A successful entrepreneur can take well-known components, products or services and recombine them to produce something that no one else sells and everyone wants to buy. The less obvious the recombination, the more brilliant it is.


…because powerful mobility, endurance, and speed can only be enhanced by nourishing our temple, not reducing it to rubble. The body-bending rigors of overcoming obstacles along the way don’t just increase aerobic capacity and generate anaerobic power. It strengthens resolve and fortitude (and it’s always badass when you can lift more than the guy next to you).

Bite-Sized Neuroscience

…because in the infinitely dense tangle of billions of brain cells and their trillions of connections, something emerges that you might not have expected to see in there: you. The strength of those connections, and the rate at which they fire, is the foundation of all forms of greatness—from the Michelangelo’s to the Steph Curry’s of the world. Exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of the brain helps us understand how our memories, our environment, and the meaning we assign to all the sundry things that fill it, shapes who we become.

I’ve coached hundreds of women 1:1, spoken on stages, authored digital books, developed innovative curriculum based on cutting-edge neuroscience, collaborated with other dynamic thought leaders… and so much more.

It is deeply fulfilling work.

want to hear something ironic?

While this may be an “about me” page—it’s about us, really. Challenging, collectively, wellness trends mired in social structures and celebrating women’s appetite for a seat at the table. Community. Education. Integrity. Leadership. Legacy building.

All of us, together.

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