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Many moons ago, Lil’ Kim rapped that “money, power, and respect” is the key to life. She was onto something, but my view is that power is the sun and everything else just orbits around it. There is a widespread belief that men want power, and women want love. I command both. I bet you do, too. We assume that women prefer the idealization of it—anything short of its actual possession. That’s nonsense.

The truth is, women already possess all the power they’ll ever need—the trouble is they often give it away. Sometimes, this surrender takes the form of subscribing to a beauty culture designed to trap us in an endless spiral of insecurity, or sharing the best of ourselves with undeserving men. We give away our power every time we downplay our wit, suppress our sensuality, or apologize for ruffling feathers. What swoops in to fill the void is a false sense of control. Underneath that, a hunger for something more.

Regardless of what you’re hungry for, if you’re struggling to heed its call, you’re in the right place. I have dedicated a decade of my life to teaching women how to wield their power authentically and responsibly. More specifically, how to exercise agency over their voice, their bodies, their state of consciousness. Our vehicle of choice is neuroscience because the brain is the final frontier for anyone who aspires to rise.

That said, we are not here to splash in the shallows with pills and potions (or dietary prescriptions and waist trimmers). I’m not in the business of treating a gaping wound with a band-aid; in fact, I think attempting to sell people a quick fix is the worst kind of snake oil. Instead, I come before you as a fellow human, a gentle ally, and a laser-sharp catalyst.


You are here to give something to the world that only you can give. To share your unique gifts, your energy, your enthusiasm, your passion. You want to experience real freedom that allows you to liberate your body and your mind—with creativity that flows from your fountain of consciousness. This means relegating the feast-or-famine ideology to the dustbin of history. You are hungry for more harmony in your relationships, more pleasure in your body, more advocacy for your needs, more celebration of your vulnerabilities, more comfort with your contradictions.

Truth Seekers
There’s a change you want to see in your own life, and a footprint you want to leave in the sand—but you’re so painfully distracted from your values. You seek enlightenment—to explore the wisdom of your hunger, overcome the confines of the ego, and foster contentment. Wholeness is not something you can buy or earn. It’s something you encounter in the spaces of possibility, in the groundedness, in the act of rebellion. Fortitude, not fence-sitting. Action over apathy. You are hungry to reclaim parts of yourself that feel fragmented, knowing there is meaning and purpose beyond the material, physical self.

You’ve depleted your cognitive resources chasing the perpetual summer—the perfect diet, the perfect body, the perfect business. After what feels like an eternity of tailing other people’s version of success, you want to feel tight with your body. Like you have its back and it has yours. Patriarchal, hierarchical power structures are under question, and in our together-ness, we can redefine wellness and how it’s carried out. You are searching for reminders that you don’t need to negotiate cultural messages about your appetite. You are hungry for a more nourishing way to move, lead and contribute.

Executive Professionals
You’re running on autopilot with fear and caffeine as your fuel, checking things off the list, collapsing into bed without a real thought, feeling, connection—just a sense of having made it through. Another day, another hustle. We all know organized chaos over healthy ambition is like opting for porn over the real thing. To effectively champion vibrant, growth-oriented work cultures, you need to supercharge your energy with stillness. You are hungry to balance effort and self-care with the utmost elegance.

Our work is an invitation to let go of what keeps us from trusting ourselves, so that we can cultivate a life that is truly enriching. You have a deep well within that overflows with an abundance of grace, opportunity, and yes—power. Let’s help you find it.



Self-Study Course

A powerful Self-Study Course on the cutting edge of neuroscience, Synaptic Ambition explores the emotional and physiological dynamics of eating behavior. Engineered to shift your mental landscape, Synaptic Ambition reveals the hidden network of complexity surrounding habit formation, decision-making, and reward in the brain. Through a comprehensive deep dive into how expectations guide perception and how we construct body image, you will learn how to flip the script on your current food narrative and finally start living the life you crave.

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The Academy

The NeuroBabes Academy is a 4-month transformative experience that combines a rigorous 16-week course curriculum with live group coaching and peer-focused masterminding. This Program weaves empirical neuroscience with entertaining anecdotes and penetrating observations to explore identity, connection, and the cultivation of wellbeing in our lives. By unlocking the cognitive processes that govern the ways in which we pursue pleasure, reason, feel, and innovate, leaders courageously bring forward their talents in bodies that they love.

Early Bird Enrollment begins March 6, 2020
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Private Mentorship

A collaborative explosion of discovery fueled by ingenuity and deliberate intention, this intimate experience is the highest level of coaching I offer. It is for women who stand in integrity with their highest values and are deeply committed to making quantum leaps in their life, health and entrepreneurial ventures. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy and endurance, break through the blind spots that have you paralyzed in a cue-reward-habit loop, or tap into your brilliance for maximum impact, Pretty Mind Paradigm will usher you into your ultimate strength.

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VIP Rouge Intensive

Join me for an epic weekend of massive growth at some of the most exotic destinations around the globe—the perfect balance of grandeur and laser-focused coaching. As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely invested in your brand many times over. But what you can’t outsource? Your vitality and your athletic prowess. Designed to compress your timeline, the VIP Rouge Intensive will secure you with a blueprint for achieving optimal body composition without teetering between extremes and sow the seeds of confidence you need to be visible in your biz.

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